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We are currently offering Hepatitis C medications which have the highest cure rates for all types of Hepatitis C. These medications are out of reach to many patients in the United States due to their high retail costs and low insurance adoption. Blue Key is proud to make the best Hepatitis C treatment options available for patients unable to afford the medication in their home country and those who prefer to pay a fraction of the price of their local pharmacy. Crunch the numbers below and you will see it is worth visiting us in The Bahamas for your Hepatitis C medication needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know About HepC Cures & HepC Treatment

The current generation of Hepatitis C medications have very high success rates of curing chronic HepC patients. The average rates of success for direct acting antiviral medications like Harvoni and Epclusa do vary by genotype but are above 95%.

Hepatitis C may either be acute or chronic. Acute HepC is a short-term viral infection that disappears in about 6 months. If the virus doesn’t clear than the patient has chronic Hepatitis C and will require treatment to avoid serious health issues like liver cancer. 80% of patients with acute HepC develop chronic HepC.

Being cured of Hepatitis C is known as achieving SVR (Sustained Virologic Response). 12 weeks following treatment with direct acting antiviral medications patients are tested. They are considered cured if they have an undetectable viral load of Hepatitis C after finishing treatment with HepC medications. 


Hep C treatment cures most patients that receive it. Pricing is determined by comparing  the cost of treating patients with HepC over the life of their disease with a one-time treatment. An egregiously  expensive cure is viewed as more cost-effective than ongoing treatment requirements.

Hepatitis C  for chronic suffers is best treated with direct acting antiviral medications which cure patients of the disease in as little as 8 weeks. The most effective therapy for Hepatitis C patients prior to the introduction of new HepC medications such as Epclusa and Harvoni was a combination of ribivarin and pegylated interferon. 

Standard treatment for Hepatitis C using direct-acting antiviral medications like Harvoni, Eplusa and Sovaldi is 12 weeks. Treatment success has been found in patients in as little as 8 weeks but some patients require up to 48 weeks of treatment to be cured.

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Blue Key offers a 100% treatment guarantee for our Hepatitis C treatments! Our guarantee to our patients gives the highest level of confidence in choosing Blue Key as their provider for Hepatitis C medications. Should a patient not be cured of Hepatitis C following treatment by Blue Key we will provide a second round of Hepatitis C medication free of charge. So, we are sure you will agree that your best choice for for Hepatitis C treatment is Blue Key. Of course,  Patients are responsible for the travel and dispensation costs associated with the Blue Key guarantee.


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