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We know how tough it can be to live with Hepatitis C. Blue Key provides both travel services and medical services to make getting HepC treatment in The Bahamas as easy as possible for our patients. All you have to do is contact us and we will plan your transportation, accommodations, clinic transfers and treatment. We will work with your travel budget to get you the best deal for your HepC cure journey. You will receive a itemized quotation that includes all costs prior to booking your trip so you have an all-inclusive price before booking your HepC treatment with Blue Key.


Let us find you the best flight to visit us for Hepatitis C Treatment. We have daily flights from the Eastern United States and the airport is within 15 minutes of all the resorts we recommend for patients.


Freeport offers a range of hotel options for our patients. 5 star all-inclusive? Budget local-operated inns? Let us know and we will provide you with the best accomodation for your budget.

Fast Ferry Service

Ferry service is available from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. The ferry runs daily and takes a couple of hours to make the trip to Freeport. The cost of the ferry is under $200 round trip.


Grand Bahama offers incredible adventure opportunities for visitors. The most popular are swimming with the pigs, fishing and shark diving. Blue Key will help you book your outings.


We will help you with transportation from the airport / ferry docks to your hotel. You can choose to use local taxis or rent a car while on the island. All hotels are within ten minutes of our Hepatitis C clinic.

Travel Assistance

Our friendly travel and medical staff will be available to you for your entire stay for Hepatitis C treatment. Put your trust in Blue Key. We Will make your entire treatment journey easy and affordable

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know to Get HepC treatment in The Bahamas

Freeport Grand Bahama has a number of all inclusive resorts and resorts with all-inclusive packages for our patients visiting for HCV Treatment. Blue Key recommends:

Lighthouse Pointe @ Grand Lucayan for luxury accommodations.
Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach for Upscale accommodations.
Island Seas Resort for value all-inclusive accommodations.

All-inclusive resorts are a popular choice with Blue Key patients and all resorts are close to our Hepatitis C clinic.

No, Grand Bahama is not the same as Nassau. The Bahamas are made up of 700 islands and cays (pronounced keys) with Grand Bahama Island being one of the northernmost in the chain. Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas and can be found on New Providence Island. The two islands lie 125 miles apart from each in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

Lighthouse Pointe at The Grand Lucayan is the all-inclusive resort at the sprawling property which has a number of hotels, shops, a marketplace and a marina. The Grand Lucayan Hotel (main) is not an all-inclusive resort but does have a number of onsite dining options for guests and day pass guests from cruises.

Grand Bahama Island and the other 700 islands and cays (pronounced keys) of The Bahamas are an independent country and are not a US territory. Blue Key HepC patients visiting the island for treatment will require a passport to enter the country by air / ferry or an enhanced driver’s license for  cruisers.

US visitors to The Bahamas require a passport for entry when travelling by air or by ferry. US citizens visiting our islands while on a cruise may enter the country using a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant document which includes state-issued  enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs).

Located just off the coast of Florida due East of Ft. Lauderdale Grand Bahama Island is a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered. Largely undeveloped except for the capital city of Freeport the island offers visitors many different bio-tourism options and outdoor activities. Swim with the pigs, dive with the sharks, fish for marlins or just enjoy endless beautiful beaches. Blue Key patients get affordable Hepatitis C treatment and a vacation in The Bahamas for significantly less than the treatment cost in the US.

Yes Grand Bahama is safe to visit for US tourists but it isn’t crime free. Blue Key recommends patients consider Freeport as they would a city in the US and exercise a common sense approach to safety. 

Yes. US dollars are accepted for all transactions in The Bahamas. The US dollar and the Bahamian dollar are “pegged” meaning that 1 USD = 1 Bahamian dollar. Casinos only accept US dollars as gambling is restricted to tourists in The Bahamas and they are a great place to exchange your Bahamian dollars back to US dollars before departure. Blue Key uses US dollars for the cost of your medical appointment for HepC treatment, for your prescription of Harvoni, Epclusa  or Sovaldi, and for all travel services offered to save our patients from foreign currency surcharges.

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