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Blue Key Medical is singularly focused on curing patients infected with Hepatitis C who cannot afford treament options where they live. Patients are treated with the latest Direct- Acting Antiviral cures for Hepatitis C  for 60%-90% less by travelling from the United States and Europe to visit The Bahamas. 

Freeport Family Wellness Centre

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  2. Team Photo New Clinic!
    Team Photo New Clinic!
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    Happy Patient!
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  6. Dr. Bethel in New Clinic
    Dr. Bethel in New Clinic

Our New Clinic Is Open!

Dr. Bethel and his team have recently moved into a new clinic in Freeport.  The clinic is easily accessible to the ferry docks, airport and major hotels.  We're very proud of our partner's beautiful new Hepatitis C clinic and our patients will love the convenience of visiting Dr. Bethel for treatment.
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Personal Recommendation for Dr. Bethel
Dr. Bethel and Dr. Blower combine years of experience in standard and alternative medicine to make sure you are getting the best care possible.
David Raymer

Dr. Kevin Bethel

2017: Awarded Doctor of the Year in Grand Bahama 

1999: Launches Freeport Family Wellness Centre 

1999: Completes Medical Residency at Baylor College of Medicine

1996: Completes Medical Degree in Family Medicine at McGill University

We work in partnership with Dr. Kevin Bethel of Freeport Family Wellness Centre in Freeport Bahamas. We are committed to curing the Bahamas of Hepatitis C and provide compassionate care to Bahamians. ​​

Freeport Family Wellness Staff

Here to Help Our Patients Receive the Best Hepatitis C Treatment

The diligent professionals support Dr. Bethel's medical practice and help to operate Freeport Famly Wellness Centre.  Residents of Freeport and abroad rave about the standard of care provided by our staff and the Hepatitis C treatment journey.  Rest assured you will be in great hands.
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The Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas

The Swimming Pigs in the Exumas and Eleuthra have recently become a trending symbol of the Bahamas for travellers around the world.  It is just one of the unique aspects of our islands that make people say "its better in the Bahamas".

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