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For over 20 years Dr. Kevin Bethel has been a fixture of the medical community in Grand Bahama. He operates a very successful practice that focuses on functional medicine for patients of all backgrounds. Being a strong proponent for patient rights and access to treatment characterise Dr. Bethel’s approach to providing the best care possible to every one of his patients. His practice operates out of his brand new medical clinic in Freeport, Grand Bahama. He was recognised with the Doctor of the Year Award for Grand Bahama in 2017

Dr. Bethel's Traits

This Is What Patients Say About Dr. Bethel


Listening to patients is key to providing excellent care. Dr. Bethel takes his time with each patient and allows them to explain to him what medical issues they are experiencing.


Dr. Bethel follows his natural curiosity to find the best treatment for each patient he treats. It takes more time but his  approach decreases the chances of unnecessary procedures for his patients. 


Being sensitive to how his patients are   feeling and communicating his understanding of the patient's experience in plain language is a hallmark of Dr. Bethel's care.


Long-standing patients will tell you that Dr. Bethel is incredibly conscientious and persistent in his approach to care. His organized practice ensure patients get the proper tests, follow-up and communication they need.


Having confidence in his abilities and recommendations inspires confidence in Dr. Bethel's patients, Empowering patients to improve their own health is a focus of his approach.


The best medical treatments are a partnership between the doctor and patient. Dr. Bethel likes to get patient input and takes it seriously. The goal is to provide better treatment journeys and patient experiences. 

Rave Reviews for Dr. Bethel

Providing Award-Winning Medical Oversight To Your HepC Treatment

Highly recommended. Knowledgeable practitioners.
Jacy Whittaker
Dr. Bethel, is knowledgeable about specific topics that other doctors have told me they have never heard of. He also took time to call me after hours.
Robyn Rolle
The best doctor!
I miss him.
Lanelle Phillips
Dr. Bethel and Dr. Blower combine years of experience in standard and alternative medicine to make sure you are getting the best care possible.
David Raymer
Fantastic Doctor. Very engaged & knowledgeable.
Kathleen Young
I am very pleased with the service and care I received at the Family Wellness Center!! Everyone there is friendly and professional. Thank you all so much.
Andrea K-T

Our New Medical Clinic Is Open

Welcome To Our Modern Hepatitis C Clinic

Dr. Bethel and his team have recently moved into a new clinic in Freeport.  The clinic is easily accessible to the ferry docks, airport and major hotels.  We’re very proud of our partner’s beautiful new Hepatitis C clinic and our patients will love the convenience of visiting Dr. Bethel for Hepatitis C treatment. The clinic also offers a full slate of medical services including infusion treatments, general surgery, nutraceutical counselling and general practice. Dr. Bethel and his entire health team will do everything possible to insure that your HepC cure journey meets all of your expectations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know About Medical Tourism for HepC

  1. The primary advantage of medical tourism is price.  Many treatments, procedures and hospital stays are substantially cheaper abroad
  2. Ability to afford superior treatment and surgical options 
  3. Immediate access to care
  4. Access to healthcare options not available in the US like experimental medications and stem cell therapies
  5. Upgraded treatment and recovery accommodations

Medical tourism is safe and provides many benefits to patients traveling for treatment. Using a credible medical tourism facilitator like Blue Key is recommended to ensure quality of care standards are received.

Although US Government numbers indicate less than 500,000 patients travel abroad each year for medical reasons there are estimates that up to 1.4 million US patients chose medical tourism in 2016. Outbound medical tourism (US patients going abroad) has been trending higher for years while inbound medical tourism (Foreign patients visiting the US) is not increasing.

Medical tourism is important for patients and practitioners alike. Patients get access to immediate treatment or procedures at a lower price than the US including travel costs. The medical providers and local jurisdiction receives the economic benefits increased patient counts and tourism revenue.

Different countries rate higher on different metrics that patients value including cost, quality of care, safety, language and proximity. The Bahamas offers incredible value to US patients visiting for treatments through a network of accredited physicians trained in the US and Canada.

For many patients travelling abroad for treatment medical tourism provides significant benefits. That said, patients should consider proximity, language barriers, medical training, accreditation, follow-up requirements and personal security when choosing to travel for medical reasons.

  1. Medical tourism refers to patients travelling for medical procedures and treatments.
  2. Wellness tourism refers to alternative therapies, yoga trips, diet facilities and spas.
  3. Health tourism encompasses both of the above in addition to dental tourism.

Medical tourism primarily caters to middle class consumers looking for a better medical experience and those who wish to have a vacation experience during treatment. The Bahamas is hugely popular with US visitors for our beaches, nightlife, local culture, English speaking population and amazing climate. We welcomed over 6 million tourists in 2019.

According to the OECD the average amount spent by countries on health care per person is $3,018. By way of comparison the US spends $8047 per person on average for healthcare and has a lower expected lifespan than many developed countries.

Fees for doctors, hospitals and the costs of medications are significantly higher in the US compared with other countries and continually rise. Governments of other developed countries place controls on drug and healthcare costs.

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