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Our New Clinic Is Open!

Dr. Bethel and his team have recently moved into a new clinic in Freeport.  The clinic is easily accessible to the ferry docks, airport and major hotels.  We’re very proud of our partner’s beautiful new Hepatitis C clinic and our patients will love the convenience of visiting Dr. Bethel for treatment.

Dr. Kevin Bethel


2017: Awarded Doctor of the Year in Grand Bahama

1999: Launches Freeport Family Wellness Centre

1999: Completes Medical Residency at Baylor College of Medicine

1996: Completes Medical Degree in Family Medicine at McGill University

Robyn Howard Rolle
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Dr. Bethel, is knowledgeable about specific topics that other doctors have told me they have never heard of. He also took time to call me after hours.
Kathleen Young
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Fantastic Doctor, very engaged and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond for care. Staff was great too.
Jacy Whittaker
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Highly recommended. Knowledgeable medical practitioners and support staff.
Andrea K-t
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After being misdiagnosed by a different doctor and being medicated for no reason, I went to Dr. Bethel and after one visit feel a marked improvement...

Personal Recommendation for Dr. Bethel

Dr. Bethel and Dr. Blower combine years of experience in standard and alternative medicine to make sure you are getting the best care possible.

David Raymer

Blue Key's Benefits for HCV Patients

Treatment Language is English

Being a former English colony until we gained independence in 1967 our national language is English. This provides a high level of comfort to our patients, an ability to provide very understandable treatment instructions and obviates the need for a translator to be employed for patient assistance.

Modern Hepatitis C Clinic

Our brand new clinic embraces a holistic approach to medical treatment. We offer private consultation rooms, nutrition boutique, pharmacy, infusion facilities and a surgery theater.

US Dollars are our Currency

The Bahamian currency is pegged to the US dollar meaning that no exchange is required when visiting The Bahamas or paying for services. Credit card payment or wire payment for Hepatitis C Treatment is in US dollars saving our patients foreign transaction fees.

Lower Cost Hepatitis C Treatment

Our HCV treatment options cost up to 90% less than the same medication in the United States. Blue Key offers Harvoni, Epclusa and Sovaldi as treatment options for our Hepatitis C patients.

Newest Hepatitis C Medications

We have access to all Hepatitis C treatment options available in the United States and provide the best HCV medications available. Rest assured you will be treated with the most effective treatment for your genotype.

Award WInning Medical Care

Following study at one of the best Medical Schools in North America Dr. Bethel has received many accolades for his practice and has earned the trust of his patients by providing them with the best possible care.

Immediate Access To HCV Treatment

High co-pays, patient assistance programs, waiting to be approved by insurance? Why Wait? We will treat you the day you arrive in The Bahamas and follow-up to ensure treatment is successful.

Receive Treatment While On Vacation

You can come for a day, a weekend or longer. Following treatment you can hit the beach, go fishing, swim with the pigs, dive with the sharks, try out the casinos or just watch the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Treatment Success Guarantee

Our 100% treatment guarantee means that Blue Key will provide a second course of Hep C medication should your first treatment not cure you of Hepatitis C. This is extremely unlikely as the new generation of HCV drugs have a very high rate of efficacy.

Freeport Family Wellness Staff

Here to Help Our Patients Receive the Best Hepatitis C Treatment

The diligent professionals support Dr. Bethel’s medical practice and help to operate Freeport Famly Wellness Centre.  Residents of Freeport and abroad rave about the standard of care provided by our staff and the Hepatitis C treatment journey.  Rest assured you will be in great hands.

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