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We give you quote

First things first: Let's get started by giving you all-inclusive price for your HepC cure journey. Medical consultation, HepC Treatment and all travel costs will be included for you to proceed with treatment.

We book your appointment

Next up: We will book your appointment with Dr. Bethel for Hepatitis C treatment at Freeport Family Wellness Centre. Choose the best date for you to receive the HepC cure and then we can plan your trip.

We book your travel

After booking your treatment date we will arrange your travel plans together to make ensure you have a great vacation in The Bahamas in addition to receiving treatment for Hepatitis C.

We treat your HepC

Dr. Bethel will review your medical history, diagnosis and answer all questions you have about Hep C treatment. You will receive Hepatitis C medication during your appointment and begin treatment immediately.

We provide follow-up

Dr. Bethel will be available to you following treatment during your stay in The Bahamas just in case you require medical assistance. Follow-up appointments are also available for our Hepatitis C patients

Our Hepatitis C Treatments

Blue Key Uses The Latest Blockbuster HepC Medications


Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir​
$ 9000 Limited Time Offer
  • Blue Key Guarantee
  • US Price $98,688
  • Over 95% cure rate
  • Save 80% or more


Sofosbuvir +Valpatasvir
$ 8500 Limited Time Offer
  • Blue Key Guarantee
  • US Price $78,078
  • 97% Cure Rate
  • For all Genotypes
best Value


$ 9500 Limited Time Offer
  • US Price $87,726
  • Blue Key Guarantee
  • Over 95% Cure Rate
  • Treats Genotype 1

Blue Key Success Story

Danny C, Port St. Lucie Florida

Thank you from a patient

Two months after treatment my wife had scheduled a follow-up appointment with our Family Doctor and all of a sudden we got very worried. The anxiety was overwhelming and we couldn't shake the fear that the treatment would fail...My wife was so ready to be done with HepC and had lived with it for over 10 years. Three days later we got the bloodwork and my wife's blood was clear of Hepatitis C! She is completing the medication but we already know it has worked. Thank you to Dr. Bethel, John and Laura for all of your help!

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100% Treatment Guarantee

Only from Blue Key

Treatment Guaranteed

We use the best Hepatitis C medication for your genotype with expected cure rates as high as 99%. In fact, we have not had a single patient who completed treatment that has not been cured. If you do not achieve SVR, following treatment with Harvoni, Epclusa or Sovaldi, we will provide a 2nd round of Hepatitis C treatment at no charge to you for the medication. So you can rest assured that you have the best possible chance of being cured of Hepatitis C with Blue Key. The value of the guarantee is a full round of treatment $90.000
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Blue Key Chief of Staff

Dr. Kevin Bethel, MD

Blue Key's Award Winning Physician

For over 20 years Dr. Kevin Bethel has been a fixture of the medical community in Grand Bahama. He operates a very successful practice that focuses on functional medicine for patients of all backgrounds. Being a strong proponent for patient rights and access to treatment characterise Dr. Bethel's approach to providing the best care possible to every one of his patients.He was recognised with the Doctor of the Year Award for Grand Bahama in 2017.
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Blue Key Success Story

David Smith, Plano Texas

Thank you from a patient

My family and I are thankful for this opportunity and want to thank Dr. Bethel and his staff for saving my life. We would recommend to anyone who can’t afford US prices for HepC medications to let Blue Key help you get to The Bahamas for Hepatitis C treatment. We had a wonderful time in Freeport and I came back with the medication that I needed to get better.

David Smith, Plano Texas
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Why Choose Us For Hepatitis C Treatment?

Lower cost, US Treatments, Guaranteed Success

Lower Cost Hepatitis C Treatment

Our HCV treatment options cost up to 90% less than the same medication in the United States. Blue Key offers Harvoni, Epclusa and Sovaldi as treatment options for our Hepatitis C patients.

Newest Hepatitis C Medications

We have access to all Hepatitis C treatment options available in the United States and provide the best HCV medications available. Rest assured you will be treated with the most effective treatment for your genotype.

Award Winning Medical Care

Following study at one of the best Medical Schools in North America Dr. Bethel has received many accolades for his practice and has earned the trust of his patients by providing them with the best possible care.

Immediate Access To HCV Treatment

High co-pays, patient assistance programs, waiting to be approved by insurance? Why Wait? We will treat you the day you arrive in The Bahamas and follow-up to ensure treatment is successful.

Receive Treatment While On Vacation

You can come for a day, a weekend or longer. Following treatment you can hit the beach, go fishing, swim with the pigs, dive with the sharks, try out the casinos or just watch the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Treatment Success Guarantee

Our 100% treatment guarantee means that Blue Key will provide a second course of Hep C medication should your first treatment not cure you of Hepatitis C. This is extremely unlikely as the new generation of HCV drugs have a very high rate of efficacy.

Treatment Language is English

Being a former English colony until we gained independence in 1967 our national language is English. This provides a high level of comfort to our patients, an ability to provide very understandable treatment instructions and obviates the need for a translator to be employed for patient assistance.

Modern Hepatitis C Clinic

Our brand new clinic embraces a holistic approach to medical treatment. We offer private consultation rooms, nutrition boutique, pharmacy, infusion facilities and a surgery theater.

US Dollars are our Currency

The Bahamian currency is pegged to the US dollar meaning that no exchange is required when visiting The Bahamas or paying for services. Credit card payment or wire payment for Hepatitis C Treatment is in US dollars saving our patients foreign transaction fees.

Visit Us In The Bahamas

HepC Treatment in Paradise Close To Home

The Bahamas offer our patients some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in addition to world class fishing, diving and eco-tourism activities. However, the most popular of those activities are swimming with the pigs and shark dives! Lying just off the coast of Florida  within half an hour of Miami and Fort Lauderdale makes visiting a breeze. Therefore, patients can fly, cruise or take a ferry to see us for treatment and take in the wonders of The Bahamas. Most of our patients visit for a weekend, receive Hepatitis C treatment on Saturday and enjoy the rest of their time enjoying all The Bahamas have to offer.

Contact Us!

Don't Wait! You Can Be Cured of HepC in 3 Months.

Please drop us a line if you have questions or if you would like more information on our affordable HepC treatment. We would love to hear from you!! We typically respond within 48 hours and we will be happy to speak to you on the phone or correspond by email.

If you are one of those people who dislike contact forms and providing personal information on the internet please feel free to use our WhatsApp service (you can just click on the icon to start a conversation with us) or call 1(833) 258-3539. We are available during normal business hours and will respond the next business day if you leave a message after hours.

Privacy of Your Hepatitis C Treatment Journey

We offer medical services including Hepatitis C treatment in  a professional setting and value your privacy. Should you have concerns about getting information treating HepC and keeping your status to yourself please mention this to us in the message below and give us detailed instructions on how you would like us to communicate with you. We will not ask you for personal information you do not want to share and medical information will only be shared directly with our medical team once you are proceeding with your Hepatitis C treatment.